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1 November 2011

The large trees in this image were being taken down to open out the butterfly corridor.



Grid Ref SO588087

We were tasked with starting to create a long butterfly corridor from the iron works at Darkhill. the plan is to create this corridor through a long expanse of the forest to encourage the expansion of butterfly habitats. We were doing this in conjunction with Butterfly Conservation (), We removed some large trees and shrub (and a load of discarded rubbish!) next to the car park and moved in a line up the bank and across the road to where there was a lot of birch which was also removed. there was a little Dunnock nest found in the birch.

Dunnock nestDunnock (Prunella modularis) Dunnock

Common names:Hedge accentor, Hedge sparrow, Hedge warbler.

In the south of England, dunnocks are the preferred host for cuckoos.

Even though cuckoo eggs look very different to their own, dunnocks unwittingly rear giant cuckoo chicks.




Large tree removal


Small tree removal


Clearing up

The debris was burnt off which left a good open space and led up to the open butterfly corridor.

As you can see - the density of the birch is quite extreme and needed to be cut.


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