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1 October 2019

Tidenham Chase Park

Grid Ref ST558992

We were continuing the clearing of the birch at Tidenham Chase and enlarging the heathland landscape. Three large fires were needed to burn off the cuttings. Some of the birch were quite large as the area we were in had not been touched for years. There were some heavy down pours of rain although it was humid as well.

Stacking up the first of the fires.

Some of the team do the cutting, others drag the branches to the fire and some load the fire up - most of us do a variety of these jobs.

The area is already looking clear.

The Exmoor ponies have been collected in their corral as they were about to be moved to Woorgreen GWT Reserve for the winter. They are moved in two groups of three and one of four and are well used to this as they go into the trailer quite calmly.