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1 March 2016

Plump Hill

Grid Ref SO660168



We returned to Plump Hill to finish off clearing the area along the sides of the open grassland where the Autumn Ladies Tresses grow which would, hopefully, spread into this area. We left a good hedge along the brow of the hill to act as a wind break. There was quite a lot of driving rain when we started but it cleared by lunchtime and we had lovely blue skies.







Piles of gorse have been cut and are ready for burning.




The sunshine was much appreciated when it arrived!




Finishing off the gorse burning.




This is the evidence of the wild boar scrapings which have appeared this year for the first time. It is said that the churning up of the ground by the boar will encourage wild flowers to grow. This might be a dubious statement as the compacted limestone escarpment was ideal for the Autumn Ladies Tresses so we will monitor the results in future years.

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