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1 March 2014

Lancaut Chapel GWT Reserve

Grid Ref ST541966



Unusually for us, we had a day out on a Saturday as there was a need to clear the area before the birds started nesting and what a difference 27 volunteers can make! This also included quite a few children so it was great that the weather was springlike and a convivial picnic was enjoyed by all.

The south and west of Lancaut Chapel is now de- scrubbed. The sheep will move in and nibble the leaf debris and keep this scheduled ancient monument manicured.





St James's Church, on the banks of the River Wye, in Gloucestershire, was built in the 12th Century but has pre-Norman origins. It has been disused for almost 150 years since the hamlet of Lancaut - which had 10 houses in 1306 - was abandoned by its inhabitants in 1865.

The Forest of Dean Buildings Preservation Trust bought it from the Queen for just £1 but the group had to pay the legal charges, which came to about £2,500 and they now plan to spend up to £50,000 to restore the church





English Heritage were keen to see the scrub controlled around Lancaut Chapel and have part funded the new fence to allow GWT to graze the site with their 15 Hebridean sheep. However we still needed to remove the bulk of the bramble scrub and shrubs that have grown over the last 5 years.





The River Wye is in the background and had flooded higher than the footpath in the image during the recent winter.

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