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The Cyril Hart Arboretum

Autumn Leaves

The arboretum is named after local historian and forestry expert, Dr Cyril Hart. The collection started in 1910 and contains over 400 trees.

It is situated on the B4226 Coleford to Cinderford road close to the Speech House.

OS Grid Reference: SO624118

Volunteers meet at the Arboretum on the first Thursday of every month at 10am


We have done over 6 years of work at the Arboretum (October) and have made real progress

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Volunteer Group Diary


1 December 2015

We were treated to a fish and chips lunch out in the Arboretum courtesy of the Forestry Commission as this was our last outing in 2015. We had deliberately saved all the wind blown branches over the last couple of months in order to have a roaring fire and enjoy the outdoor scene!




5 November 2015

It was a very wet, soggy day at the Arboretum but we are used to that! There was a pile of gravel to move in wheelbarrows to fill a large sink hole on the eastern side of the Arboretum. We also got a few loads of chipped wood mulch from further in the forest and used that to put around the young trees which had been recently planted. We did not have a fire today even though it is bonfire night!




1 October 2015

It was a glorious day to be out in the Arboretum and there were quite a few trees which had been felled in order to open up the canopy for the existing trees. This might sound drastic but we had been given some replacement small trees by Westonbirt Arboretum to plant in various areas to replace them. We spent our time removing and burning the branches of the felled trees and replanting much to the amusement of passers by!



Pete's Tree

One of our regular Arboretum members donated an Acer that he had growing in a tub for the last 12 years in his garden. The Acer was beginning to outgrow the tub so he brought it along to go in the area with the other Acers. Many thanks to Pete and it was a lovely idea for him to contribute to the gorgeous Arboretum!



3 September 2015

We had help in the form of a GWT ranger strimming the bracken and bramble around the base of the large trees which were inaccessible for the normal grass cutter. It all looks very smart now! A group of the team continued to clear and burn some old branches and also cleared around the Tulip trees near to the back gate. Another group slowly progressed along the outside fenced to remove overhanging branches which were shading out the area.



6 August 2015

A lovely day to work in the Arboretum and have a very welcome barbeque as well! There were many fallen branches to burn off and an enclosure to fully weed.







One of the enclosures was totally submerged in bracken, loosestrife and bramble so these images show the before and after of our clearing.
















The team enjoying the barbecue - most of them are staring up at the sky - not sure what they had seen!


4 June 2015

At last - summer is here! There were great piles of branches piled up to burn and the gales over the last week had brought down even more branches. We had two fires burning and spent the day loading them up but it was decided that a lot of the pine branches needed to be taken into the forest to rot down rather than to be left for next time.


We also had a barbecue using the embers of the fire and contributions from the team regarding the food. This was very enjoyable whilst sitting in the sunshine!



7 May 2015


Continuing to clear up and burn the branches felled last month. A diseased Red Oak was also felled which is a shame but diseased trees are not suitable for this environment!



9 April 2015


A very busy day in the Arboretum today. We had contractors in to take down some very large trees. This is to clear the canopy as the trees which were felled were mostly trees which had grown very close to trees nearby. This meant that the team had a good day building the fires! There are still quite a lot of branches to burn off next month as well. We also had some new plastic netting to continue putting around the newly planted trees.


The team are lopping off the smaller branches of a very large pine tree.


Burning continues!



5 March 2015


A warmer day to tackle quite a few jobs around the Arboretum. Some of us went to tidy up the store shed at Kensley Lodge by re-stacking hundreds of old wooden posts previously removed from the old enclosures. Others were removing more enclosures and others were erecting the plastic netting around the newly planted trees (that is... until we ran out of the netting!) which left a few of us pulling bramble up by hand!


This enclosure fencing was removed which allows us to have the ground level mown in the summer so that the enclosure is no longer weed ridden.


The winch is used to pull up the stubborn posts.



5 February 2015


A cold, sleety day but a good number of the team turned up. We planted 10/11 trees and fenced around another dozen which had not been done last month. We sank some new posts for labelling commemorative trees and, of course, had a welcome bonfire. There was loads of fuel for it as tree surgeons had given the big red oaks severe haircuts. We also had 2 or 3 very positive comments about the arboretum in general from local walkers!



15 January 2015

A lot of tasks for us today! Mainly, we were creating small netting enclosures around the newly planted trees. These are designed so that the netting can be pulled upwards to allow for trimming around the base of the trees in the summer.

We were lucky with the weather although it was cold and showery as, the day before, there had been a snow covering of about 3 inches!





Inserting 3 poles and a stake around which plastic netting was secured.











4 December 2014


We had a lovely day at the Arboretum carrying out a variety of tasks. The main work was taking down enclosures. We also gathered fallen wood and had a big fire to keep us warm in the breaks. Mince pies were provided by a team mamber at morning coffee time. Later a delicious fish and chip lunch was kindly provided by the Forestry Commision and very much enjoyed by volunteers and Forestry team. There was a brief visit by the Forestry Commission 'health and safety' guru who approved of the arrangemnts and gave the Forestry apprentices a few tips on winching. Wood from the enclosures was taken away to be re-used, and a good time was had by all.


(I know - he won't be pleased about this photo of him stuffing his face!)



19, 20 and 21 November 2014


500 trees and bushes planted!

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6 November 2014


There were piles of branches to be burnt and more strimming to remove the brambles but the strimmer would not work! No worries though - we had two good fires going! There are new gates to the Arboretum which are high enough to prevent the deer from jumping in. This is essential as we have 500 trees and bushes to plant. The bushes are to make a hedge along the new deer fencing and there are some good specimen trees to plant.


Tree Planting days are - 19th, 20th, 21st November - volunteers welcome (bring a spade!)