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The Cyril Hart Arboretum

Autumn Leaves

The arboretum is named after local historian and forestry expert, Dr Cyril Hart. The collection started in 1910 and contains over 400 trees.

It is situated on the B4226 Coleford to Cinderford road close to the Speech House.

OS Grid Reference: SO624118

Volunteers meet at the Arboretum on the first Monday of every month at 11am

(unless it is a bank holiday)


We have done a year of work at the Arboretum (October) and have made real progress

To see the pictures from the first year - Click here


Volunteer Group Diary

4 October 2010

We had a beautiful autumn day here in the Arboretum. More fencing to keep the wild boar out is going up and the worst of the scourings of the turf by the boar have been harrowed over. Tony Titchen, the dendrologist, came out with us and we spent hours going around the Arboretum checking the tree naming plaques. There were quite a few names missing and a few names wrongly defined and a few names before non-existant trees! He is sorting through it all and we will be rectifying the muddle in due course.

Autumn day

13 September 2010

General tidy up and preparation of a fire to burn next time. The back wall of the arboretum has been re-fenced in an effort to deter the wild boar. However, you can see from this image that the boar are still getting in and causing mayhem to the old turf. We think that a gate leading to one of the rides is not being properly secured allowing the boar to push through.

Boar damage

5 July 2010

We concentrated on cutting back inside the frames surrounding the young and vulnerable trees and tidying the ground in readiness for the mowers anytime this week now that the bluebells have finished. This photograph shows the frame before the tidy up.


7 June 2010

Clearing and tidying again before the rain came! The nettles by the gate were hacked down and a lot of small growth from holly, bramble and ferns were removed. Some signs were also removed. The bluebells were just going over and the grass will be mowed fairly soon.

4 May 2010

Spring is bringing the Arboretum to life. The bluebells are about to flower and all the trees are budding into leaf. We started off this day by cutting the mass of nettles which grow near the gate. Then we re-fenced around some small trees with black plastic fencing as you can see from the photograph where a couple of the chaps are taking the equipment through the Arboretum. We, also, cleared some of the plastic tubing from around the small trees which no longer need them.

Starting work



1 March 2010

Oak Tree

Oak Tree

This oak had been totally smothered by a large holly tree and when we removed that it showed this bole and ivy.



New fencing!

We had previously removed the old tatty fencing and contractors have been in to update the fences. This shows a Stone Pine which is now protected from the deer and the boar.

1 February 2010

The team continued with the general tidying up and removal of old fencing and had a promise that new fencing was on its way! The wild boar have been scavenging the grounds again. The day was quite cold and miserable!


4 January 2010

A bright sunny day prelude to the imminent snow showers to come even though there was still some snow lying from the previous weeks snowfall. It was really freezing though so we wanted to get going just to warm up! We soon had a good fire burning and continued cutting the lower and scraggly branches to tidy up the firs. The image below is of the Noble Fir trees (Abies procera)

Noble Fir

7 December 2009

It was a terrible rainy day and we all got really soaked! But we carried on - our leader had the forethought to bring along some wet-weather matches so that we could light the fire which, at least, kept us warm. More bramble removal and small tree re-growth removal were our tasks. There were no people walking their dogs in this foul weather!

Rabbit fencing

2 November 2009

We continued at the far end of the Arboretum to remove the rabbit fencing (as seen in the picture) and to tidy up around the trees. The tree on the left of the picture was also removed as it was badly squirrel damaged. The colours of the trees in the Arboretum are magnificent although there had been the first major storm of the season the day before this and this had blown many of the leaves away.

Rabbit fencing

5 October 2009

This is the start of the second year of monthly outings to the Arboretum. We concentrated on the edge of the Arboretum where a small plantation of Tulip trees are. We removed quite a bit of old rabbit fencing now that the trees have matured sufficiently and we tidied up this area. The Forestry Commission van came to collect all the fencing and the poles.

Rabbit fencing