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The Cyril Hart Arboretum

Arboretum day is on the first Thursday of every month


The Arboretum is named after local historian and forestry expert, Dr Cyril Hart. The collection started in 1910 and contains over 400 trees.

It is situated on the B4226 Coleford to Cinderford road close to the Speech House.

OS Grid Reference: SO624118

Volunteers meet at the Arboretum on the first Thursday of every month at 10am


We are now in our 12th year of work at the Arboretum and have made real progress

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Volunteer Group Diary


1 December 2022

As this is December and our visit to the Arboretum before Christmas quite a few of us worked with Christmas jumpers on! Our rangers provided us all with fish and chips to eat round the fire later. It was a good day!




The large fire place we have been using needed the ashes to be removed and we used the ashes to fill some holes and boggy areas.


3 November 2022

A very large team turned up today and the sun followed us around. There were so many branches and brambles that we couldn't burn them all today so we have left them in piles for next month.


6 October 2022

A day for celebration! Below is a photograph of our long standing volunteer, Frank Quinn, who has won the Forestry England Golden Glove award for his inventiveness in creating a tool for digging down and pulling up bramble roots. (It was his fourth prototype!)




The Golden Glove award had this on it! (Actually, it was not a 'Golden' glove but a usual volunteers glove!)


We, also, had a new plaque put in by one of the 7 Wild Cherry trees which we had planted in commemoration of our Queen's seventy jubille in May.


1 September 2022

The ancient wall along the forest side of the Arboretum is still being cleared of foliage. Pulling up the bramble in the hope of removing the roots. This is a long task and we are slowly getting there!




We, also, collected and burnt many branches.


4 August 2022

A beautiful day and the Arboretum had recently been mown. However, this enormous pile of branches had fallen which left us with a major task of clearing it and burning the smaller branches on a controlled fire.




At the end of the day we had nearly completed the task but there is still a small pile to deal with next time. We do not use chain saws so the very large logs are removed at a later date by contractors.


7 July 2022

It was a general tidy up day for us! We checked the grassy areas for fallen branches as the grass will soon be mowed again. Bramble and bracken were pulled up around the large trees and along the old wall.



9 June 2022

Today, we mostly continued clearing the very old wall of bramble, ferns and small weed trees. The wall might have been built over a hundred years ago when the Arboretum was first planted but it has been obscure due to foliage growth on top. Local regular visitors remarked that they had been unaware that there was even a wall there!

Innovation! One of our team is designing a bramble root extractor. Once the fork is dug into the ground, the curvy wedge forces upward removal!



31 May 2022

This was the day that the Dean Green Team planted 7 Cherry trees to honour the Queen on her 70th Jubillee as our monarch.



The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Forest of Dean District Council plus Verderers joined our celebrations



5 May 2022

Dean Green Team at the Arboretum on a lovely sunny day! We were clearing along the old walls and around the main gates as there will be some tree planting for the Queen's Jubilee this year. It was mostly bramble on the old wall and it will be an ongoing job!




27 April 2022


Our Arboretum volunteers met up at Westonbirt Arboretum for a very interesting day having a guided walk there by their volunteers!

Firstly, we went round the old Arboretum which had been there for over 200 years and saw the variety of ancient trees. Then, we were treated to a free lunch in the cafe followed by a good walk in Silk Woods. We were supposed to be helping their volunteers by doing some proper work with them but there was so much for us to see that we ran out of time!


Meeting up with the Westonbirt team at the beginning of the day


Westonbirt guide explaining the crumbling bark of this tree


Westonbirt description


The 'Star Wars' tree!



The amazing walkway!


The 2000 year old Lime although it doesn't look that old!


A beautiful curtain display!









































































14 April 2022

We had a good day at the Arboretum. We were continuing to clear up fallen branches and to pull up bramble from around the trees.


However, as usual, a couple of us went round the Arboretum litter picking. It is shameful that we picked up in excess of 25 dog poo bags. Considering that there are dog poo bins at both the main gates, this is disgraceful! Please use the bins!!!!



24 March 2022


Another one of our extra days at the Arboretum as we have lots of post-storm work still to do. All the branches from one of the tallest trees which came down in the storms a few weeks ago were cleared away. The trunk and logs will probably be cleared by contractors using their chain saws.


It is lovely to see the Rhododendrons in flower!




17 March 2022


This was one of our extra days at the Arboretum as we have lots of post-storm work left to do. It was a beautiful spring day and we have just about finished clearing and burning the brush from the fallen trees on the right of the main gate.

Next week, we are by the enormous tree on the left of the gate. There are a lot of large logs still to be moved so they are being split to make moving them easier.



3 March 2022


The recent series of heavy storms have caused a lot of desecration in the Forest of Dean. At the Arboretum, there were two giant trees down. The Arboretum had subsequently been closed for a week and a half for safety reasons and this had never happened before! Another tree had fallen across the fencing which had to be repaired.

Dean Green Team members spent the day around one of the trees clearing all the branches and burning them on a large fire. As there is still a great deal of work to do, we are having extra volunteer days this month, as we have lots of post-storm work left in the Arboretum. - Thursday 17th March, 9.45am - 3pm and Thursday 24th March, 9.45am - 3pm.


This is the tree we tidied up and took down the standing trunk.


Here, you can see the large scar left on the side of the tree.


This is the tree at the other end of the Arboretum which we will deal with on our next visit there. It was one of the tallest trees in the Arboretum and it is a sad loss.


3 February 2022


Our team were joined today by five volunteers from Westonbirt Arboretum and their ranger. These volunteers do very similar jobs to ours at Westonbirt so they had come out to the Forest of Dean to see what we do. We are lucky here to be allowed to use a fire to burn off the fallen branches and pulled up bramble.


Our team are enjoying a break near to our fire. We are hoping to go to Westonbirt Arboretum for a visit in April.




13 January 2022


It was a beautiful, crisp, sunny day! The team were mostly pulling out masses of bramble from around the trees and near to the surrounding walls.