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The Cyril Hart Arboretum

Autumn Leaves

The Dean Green Team are stopping for the foreseeable future.

Due to Covid restrictions we cannot do Arboretum work until the current lockdown finishes

The arboretum is named after local historian and forestry expert, Dr Cyril Hart. The collection started in 1910 and contains over 400 trees.

It is situated on the B4226 Coleford to Cinderford road close to the Speech House.

OS Grid Reference: SO624118

Volunteers meet at the Arboretum on the first Thursday of every month at 10am


We are now in our 10th year of work at the Arboretum and have made real progress

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Volunteer Group Diary



10 December 2020

At last! We had not been able to do anything in the Arboretum for 8 months due to the pandemic so it was really good for a small team of 5 to get back there.

As expected, there were masses of fallen branches which we burnt on the fire. We also left a large pile of branches to deal with next month. We regularly go around the Arboretum litter picking and we were pleasantly surprised to find very little litter there!


Our ranger is measuring up our social distances!




12 March 2020

The Dean Green Team were working at the Arboretum and a large group of volunteer managers for Forestry England from all over the country had come to the Forest of Dean to see what we were doing. They spoke to quite a few of us.

Below is the picture of a Lawson Cypress which had to be felled. It had been badly damaged in one of the recent storms where the trunk had grown into two enormous branches and one of them had fallen leaving the other branch in danger of falling as well. Lawson cypress is native to California and was introduced to Britain in 1854. The dense foliage provides shelter for nesting birds, including various finches, when many broadleaved trees are still in bud.



6 February 2020

It was a beautiful, crisp day in the Arboretum and there were contractors with us today who removed some diseased and damaged trees. We also put some tree guards around the newly planted Gingko trees (also known as the maidenhair tree)




9 January 2020

It is the start of a new year and we had a list of jobs to do so the team split up around the Arboretum. Quite a few enclosures around the trees were taken down. Once the trees are large enough the netting is removed as, otherwise, weeds and long grass clog them up. Fallen branches were collected for the fire. A lot of small holly and bramble was pulled up. Trees were checked for re-labelling in the future and signs were washed.


The team at lunch by the fire.