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Rare Trees Press release

The Beaver Project - January 2018


Rare Trees Press release


The Beaver Project - January 2018

The project to introduce beavers to Greathough Brook at Piano Corner is, at last, beginning to take shape. Preparation in the valley is proceeding very well now and the fencing is due to be erected in the next couple of months. The Dean Green Team have done many surveys of the flora and fauna over the last couple of years and will continue to do this in the future to see what effect the beavers will have on the environment.

The image below is of a rain gauge which has been situated in the valley for quite a few months and it is designed to measure the rainfall before it travels to the stream.


The bulldozers have been round all the existing tracks which encircles the valley for nearly 2 miles to open them up in preparation for the fencing. It might look rather messy right now but the vegetation will soon grow over it in the spring and summer. There is also a new part of the track going steeply down the hill to complete the ring fencing.



A new pipe has been installed which takes the water directly through a soggy area where it collects from the high slopes of the valley.


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