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The Cyril Hart Arboretum

Autumn Leaves

The arboretum is named after local historian and forestry expert, Dr Cyril Hart. The collection started in 1910 and contains over 400 trees.

It is situated on the B4226 Coleford to Cinderford road close to the Speech House.

OS Grid Reference: SO624118

Volunteers meet at the Arboretum on the first Thursday of every month at 10am


We are now in our 10th year of work at the Arboretum and have made real progress

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Volunteer Group Diary




2 May 2019

A fine, if a bit chilly, day at the Arboretum with general tidying up going on. We cleared up the fallen branches from the trees which fell in a gale the previous week. The Bluebells were still around and we pulled up loads of brambles which were just starting to really sprout.


Can you find this majestic tree in the Arboretum?





4 April 2019

Well... unbelievably... there was a snow blizzard covering the whole of the forest which deposited about an inch of snow everywhere. Did this put our stalwart team off from working at the Arboretum? Not at all! - a few hardy souls arrived and the impetus was to get a good fire going from the branches of a felled tree. Repairs to one of the compounds were made.





7 March 2019

There were a couple of very large trees which had been taken down due to disease so we spent the day cutting and burning them. Spring is on the way and the early blooming Rhododendrons are flowering.





7 February 2019

The team taking a break on a day where we had sunshine but a fierce, cold wind. We tidied up the enclosure of the ancient yew, cleaned the green algae off the Cyril Hart stone, and collected and burnt all the fallen branches. We also had to take down one of the old benches as it had rotted at its base and become wobbly.





10 January 2019

This enormous tree had blown over in the last few weeks. It was our job the clear up and burn all the branches which took us all day. The cut logs were also reduced to a reasonable size for those of us to take home for wood burning fires which is one of the perks of volunteering with the Dean Green Team!



A few of the team perched on the fallen tree at the start of the day.